Rosacea Treatment

Broad Band Light (BBL) therapy for rosacea

Rosacea is a progressive vascular disorder that affects the facial skin and eyes. It is caused by the dilation of capillaries and blood vessels. It can also cause white pimples and blisters on the nose and cheeks. This condition can affect both men and women. The condition affects around 10 percent of the population worldwide.

Some treatments can help to minimize the appearance of rosacea. Broad Band Light (BBL) therapy represents one of the most useful advancements in dermatological skin treatments. It can successfully treat the blood vessels responsible for the redness.

What is BBL Therapy?
BBL therapy is a type of treatment designed to selectively destroy or alter certain skin cells. This type of therapy utilizes dual-lamp technology to effectively treat a broader range of conditions without running the risk of damaging healthy skin cells.

BBL and Rosacea
BBL’s approach to treating rosacea is unique. It aims to alter the blood vessels that cause the face to look flushed. It does this by causing them to contract. The amount of blood near the skin decreases, which leads to a great reduction in the redness that a person’s face displays. It is recommended to have 3-6 treatments that occur every three weeks. Unfortunately, no treatment is permanent. Age and sun exposure causing the skin to thin will inevitably cause the blood vessels to surface and the face to become red again. Maintenance treatment is key in keeping the condition minimized, every 6 months to a year.